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Posts by Wayne Walker

Switch Featured Recipe – Sam’s Boozy Apricot by WildGypsy70

FeaturedRecipe 4 by WaynWalker

Our fourth featured recipe is by WildGypsy70. This is an Apricot, Peach, Tobacco with Brandy recipe, that aims to sit on the lighter, sweet, brighter side of the tobacco genre. I really enjoyed how pleasant this recipe is. On the top you pick up this sweet, juicy apricot. More bright and sweet than a natural apricot, thanks to the White Peach also added…

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Switch Featured Recipe – Dugan Straights (Caf’e) by Mixalott

Make the Switch Third Featured Recipe

The third Featured Recipe in our Make the Switch Competition is by Mixalott! This is a great tobacco leaf espresso recipe, that packs a bunch of very interesting details into a tasty recipe. Upon mixing this, I was quite impressed with the amount of notes that were able to be present in the mix. There’s a very nice tobacco leaf flavor, that sits right on the top of the vape. The tobacco leaf is very bright, slightly earthy and almost tea-like in nature…

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Switch Featured Recipe – Old World Tobacco by FOLKART

Make the Switch Second Featured Recipe

Our second Featured Recipe in the Make the Switch Competition is by FOLKART for their Old World Tobacco recipe. So, the first featured recipe was one that captured the essence of a traditional cigarette. This week’s featured recipe captures the essence of a traditional tobacco. This to me, is a no frills dried tobacco flavor, with leather, wood, and light char. Compared to last week’s, there’s not much ash, if any at all. The focus of this recipe is more the tobacco leaf itself. It’s a brighter, more pleasurable vape…

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Switch Featured Recipe – FA Cigarette by Scott12579

Make The Switch First Featured Recipe

First Featured Recipe in our Make the Switch competition belongs to Scott12579. This is a very accurate representation of a cigarette, and it’s the reason I wanted to feature it first. This recipe is not one that I particularly enjoy. The reason being, it’s too close to a cigarette! It packs a smoky & ashy tobacco flavor that comes through very well on the Z-biip. To me it’s reminiscent of a middle of the day cigarette, meaning, it’s not like the fresh smoke of the day, or a smoke after a long meal. But one that smoke quickly on your next break at work, where you don’t think about the flavor so much, and just need the smoky nicotine that follows…

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