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Let’s Talk DIY

First thing first. I would like to thank Flavour Art for sponsoring these articles. I am enjoying writing them and I hope you enjoy them as well. Why DIY? Well, why wouldn’t you is the bigger question in my mind. I think everyone that vapes should know at least a little about DIY. Most, if…

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DIY Tips and Hints

So you went and ordered your supplies and a bunch of flavors you just know you will love…… (tiny bit of sarcasm there is intended) You now have this stuff and where do you start now? Just dump it all together! No, stop, bad idea. This article and the next one should be given much…

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Looking After Flavourings

On we go to vg and pg. I can not stress enough how the quality of these two things will affect your end product. You will want the purest form of both that you can get. You will at some point be able to tell the difference in great, good, and low quality stuff. I…

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Nicotine – Be In The Know

So I want to talk about nicotine. I have a few things I think everyone should know. Respect for nicotine and careful handling is very important. It can be purchased in a wide variety of strengths. I would suggest you start with a low concentration. There is no right answer for what you should buy.…

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