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DIY Tips and Hints

So you went and ordered your supplies and a bunch of flavors you just know you will love…… (tiny bit of sarcasm there is intended) You now have this stuff and where do you start now? Just dump it all together! No, stop, bad idea. This article and the next one should be given much attention. Both are important and will save you from dumping loads of supplies down the drain. This one is going to be on what I call the sniff test and the next will be on understanding all the boxes and terms used on the typical eliquid calculator. These two are a little out of order but I said I would cover this information this time.


When I get a new flavor I have never mixed with, the first thing I do is see if I can smell it through the bottle. It happens. Some are that strong. Your nose is the first indicator of taste. If you can’t smell it, you will never taste it. Just like eating with a cold. The stronger the smell, the lower start point you should use. FlavourArt flavorings are more concentrated than many on the market. I find that, for me, 2% is a pretty good starting point for most. Notice I said most? Some are less than 1% and there is one that is 10%.


I recommend you  learn each flavor on it’s own. There is no skipping this step in DIY if you really want to create your own mixes. Recipes are nice but not the same as creating that mix you dreamed up in your own head. Without learning the flavor on its own you will miss on key notes it has. Is it strong on the inhale or exhale? Is it sweet or tart? So is it lemon candy, lemon juice, or baked lemon? Those things are worth learning. Take notes if you need to do so. Yes, I did say take notes. It’s worth it in the end. I hated taking notes in school but don’t mind it at all when it’s DIY.  You may even shock yourself and find you really like some single flavor mixes. Everything does not have to be complex to be enjoyed. I love watermelon. The real stuff doesn’t need me to add lime and raspberry to enjoy it…..


Sorry, back to the sniff test. I will have this grand recipe idea pop into my head at times and other times some little tweak will be in there. I was being assaulted one Christmas (did I tell you I hate shopping?) in a store by a perfume sales clerk and it was an ah-ha moment. I smell single flavors to decide where to start with them, why won’t it work with blends? Well, it does. Not exact measurements but it sure is a start. I take a piece of heavy paper and start adding drops of flavorings I think will mix well in this idea of mine and then wave the paper under my nose. Don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box. If I had not done so, Lemon and Jasmine would never have been tried. I am very glad I did.


When you decide you want to cheat on trying flavors by mixing them up with pg/vg there is another good way to test them. These started as food flavoring right? Why not mix them with some food? How about a food with not a lot of actual flavor? What could there be that you could do one spoonful at a time? Whipped Cream anyone? Try it.


My flavor of the month this time is Marshmallow. I have tried so many Marshmallow flavorings over the years I had about given up on them. So many times I have heard try “this” one. All of them tasted like marshmallow vodka to me. I am not much of a drinker because the taste of alcohol has never appealed to me. Marshmallow vodka is not my idea of a yummy flavor. Then I tried this one. No vodka flavor here at all. Just nice smooth marshmallow like I get from the homemade ones I make in my kitchen. 1% is a great number for this one. Add it to the amazing white peach.


Have fun, mix safe.


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