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FANA = Passion

Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple Computers, once said "Its core value is that we believe that people with passion can change the world for the better."

For us at Flavour Art North America passion is everything. For Shaun Casey, President and partner, along with his V.P Richard Hong, it is not just passion for the product they sell but how it effects the world around them. "We are saving lives, changing lives, and we take that seriously. We reside inside the product category community, we live, breath and sleep it and practice not just manufacturing but the art of using our Flavour Art flavours.


The influences that inspire us and drive us forward

So it began… In 2006, FlavourArt was born, the idea having been conceived by Massimiliano (Max) Mancini and Anna Facchino, husband and wife. Their original, and successful, intention was to form a small company engaged in the creation and production of food flavourings by using twenty years of experience working in multinational, premier flavour houses as a solid foundation, fully supported by a degree in Organic Chemistry and a passion for perfection which epitomises the company ethos.