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Looking After Flavourings

On we go to vg and pg. I can not stress enough how the quality of these two things will affect your end product. You will want the purest form of both that you can get. You will at some point be able to tell the difference in great, good, and low quality stuff. I see over and over, people asking if the stuff at wally world will work. The answer to that is I guess, but why would you when it is pretty cheap and easy to get nice quality stuff elsewhere. I will admit that once about five years ago I made a mistake ordering and ran out. I bought some of the stuff sold in the skin moisturizer isle. It gave me an awful aftertaste. You may not have the same response as I did. I will tell you I won’t ever use it again. The longer you are not smoking, the better your taste will be. You will notice things you never had. It is one of the huge wins of being a non smoker.

So how do you store this stuff? We covered that nic is best stored in the freezer. VG and PG are another matter. If you have a cool dark cupboard, that is best. They will keep for quite some time. I put the month and year on the bottom of my bottles. If it is still there in a year, I toss it. I mean really, if I have not used it up in that time I must really be slacking in the mixing department. I get this stuff by the gallon and have never had one make it a year. Make sure to keep it tightly capped and away from strong odors. Plastic does allow air to penetrate it. Air carries smells. Smells will absorb into your dilution base. How can two people from different areas make the exact same recipe and they taste different? TADA! When Eliquid Vendors talk about clean rooms, this is a small part of the reason for them. It allows them to have the same product every time. Now don’t start sending me messages just yet. I said small part. The list of reasons they have clean rooms is long. Top reason? CLEAN!

So to touch on CLEAN. I am pretty funny about the area I mix in for a typical diy person. I talked my husband into a new non wood table under the guise of needing it for baking. The actual truth is I can sterilize it very easily. When I mix in my kitchen I am the one that cleans the counters I am going to use and then disinfect them. Over kill? I don’t think so. The things I want in my eliquid are the things I add myself, not what my kid got on the counter making lunch. He is 16 so his version of cleaning up after himself is a swipe with a paper towel. Yeah, we disagree on that. My best advice is to mix in an area that exceeds the clean standards you would want your food prepared in.

The flavor clue this month is Jasmine. I have to follow lemon with this one. By itself I would never vape it, because well it tastes like Jasmine. Really like Jasmine and if you want a flower vape try this at 1%. I am not one for flower vapes. I have the entire Flavourart Library here and it honestly got my attention because the bottle kept falling over. (I will tell you about the sniff test next month. Have a cold? No tasting food for you!) Jasmine rice goes really well with lemon shrimp so I thought maybe lemon and jasmine would play well. I am very happy to tell you that one drop of Jasmine per 10ml of eliquid will make a difference in lemon. A very nice baked lemon from a lemon off the tree. Almost like a hint of ginger. Amazing stuff. Give it a try.

I said I would give you the lemon shortbread cookie recipe. Here it is. Keep in mind, this is to my taste. You may increase the percentages or decrease them. Tweek it how you like. All flavors are FlavourArt. 5% Lemon Sicily, 2% Cookie, 1% Meringue, 0.5% Almond, and 0.25% Jasmine (that is about one drop per 10ml of total recipe) Hope you enjoy it.

Have fun, mix safe.

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