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Powered by FlavourArt takes E-Liquid brands forward to the next stage of credibility for our newly regulated vaping industry!


As the regulation of vaping products becomes a reality, e-liquid will be subject to close scrutiny by both regulations and consumers alike for its quality and safety.


The PBF logo will give confidence that the product they are selling has been qualified to meet government standards.  They can buy with the surety that their product will not be pulled for being non-compliant in a post regulation industry.  PBF is an added seal of assurance to provide peace of mind.


Manufacturers will gain the partnership of FlavourArt as the only flavour vendor to certify that the flavour components of their E-liquid are regulation approved in both Canada and the United States.



PBF will be executed with two levels of product testing to meet any and all government regulations for flavouring components in E-liquid.

Through Flavour Art SRL's collaboration with TrustiCert Italy (our research partner located at the University of Milan), each PBF product will undergo all required testing for government regulations testing including full toxicological requirements.

As the only flavour manufacturer to conduct inhalation specific research, FlavourArt will utilize our data from our Clearstream Onward initiative ( and apply it to future toxicological requirements put in place by regulations.

FlavourArt already recognizes the importance of this data in the creation of our Tobacco Product Master File with the FDA and the benefits our clients will receive from having this repository. Just as 'intel inside' was a worldwide successful product quality statement, PBF's end goal is to let the consumer know that the components inside of an e-liquid are of the highest quality and tested for safety. "Powered by FlavourArt" will become a premium global brand statement reinforced by the leader of ENDS product flavouring that your e-liquid is the best it can be.

Powered By Flavour Art Brands

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