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The Vaping Difference

Flavour Art North America manufactures the highest quality synthetic flavouring on the market by selecting quality raw materials that make our products safe for human consumption and vapor inhalation. All of our products go through rigorous testing and quality assurance processes. We are ISO 9001, GMP and HACCP certified and we utilize TQMS (Total Quality Management System) to ensure the products our customers receive are among the best and safest quality on the market.

Our in-house testing methods and resources further verify the quality standards of our materials and finished products. Our research initiative Clearstream Onward ( has been testing the health and safety of vaping products since 2015. As pioneers and innovators we strive to stay aptly informed and invest in continued research to ensure our products are of the highest standards and are safe; which is why we can say with confidence that none of our flavours contain Vitamin E acetate.

Given all of the recent reports regarding lung-related illnesses surrounding “vaping” we felt it necessary to release some information to help people better understand; as it is our main drive to provide clear information to our customers based upon strong factual data.

  • The word “vaping” and “e-cigarette” are being used by public health officials and the media when referring to both nicotine and marijuana/THC products. This is very confusing for consumers to decipher between the two.

  • Reports from health departments in CA, NM, NY, PA, UT and WI have all linked the related illnesses to unlicensed black-market THC oil.

E-cigarettes and vaping nicotine-based e-liquids have been around a very long time and the industry has never seen anything even remotely close to what is happening currently. These products have been and are used by millions of adults as an alternative to combustible cigarettes, and most vapor products on the market are of high-quality. Nonetheless no person should:

  • Misuse or alter a vapor device designed for vaping nicotine-containing products by attempting to vape anything other than an e-liquid designed to be used with that device.

  • Use any products other than those purchased from a reputable establishment.

  • Use a vapor product offered to them by someone else without knowing precisely what they are consuming.

Vapor Technology Association (VTA) has stated how this issue is being misrepresented in the media and their call to action for better dissemination of the facts.

A recent New York Times article noted; “Public health officials have underscored one fundamental point: that the surge in illnesses is a new phenomenon and not merely a recognition of a syndrome that may have been developing for years.”

The FDA has imposed regulatory requirements on nicotine-containing vapor products for more than three years, since August 8, 2016, including strict labeling and packaging restrictions that require vapor companies to, among other requirements, disclose all of the ingredients in the products sold. Since this surge of lung related illnesses the FDA has confirmed in a recent blog post that all of the recent sicknesses are coming from THC oil.

We strongly encourage you to buy your nicotine and non-nicotine products from respectable companies and retailers and never ever buy anything off of the street.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us at  We are here to answer any questions and assist during these confusing and unnerving times; as we want nothing more but to help properly inform and educate the public for their own well-being and safety.
While major medical groups and governments have conclusively determined that vapor products are 95% safer than combustible cigarettes, and studies have shown that they are nearly twice as effective at helping adults quit smoking than traditional methods, none of the products designed for THC, cannabis and any other non-nicotine substances are regulated by the FDA. It is imperative that consumers pay attention to the product they are purchasing and have a full understanding of the differences.

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